Welcome to the exclusive area for the Chosen One. You found our coded message and managed to get yourself here which is excellent news!

There are so few of us these days so this is a special day for us all. These horrors which have started appearing everywhere must be stopped. You came at the right time to help us as we don’t know what we are dealing with yet…

Thankfully you have already defeated one and that is why you are here. This is a safe place so rest and grab a book to learn about what’s going on, who knows? maybe if we can’t stop whats coming then at least we might be able to change it.

― The Librarian

Here you will find exclusive discounts, previews of upcoming products, opinion polls and concept art. We wanted to create this as a thank you and a little something extra for shopping with us.

Stay a while and put your feet up.

Opinion Poll

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Exclusive Discounts

You have been amazing simply from purchasing from us. As you probably know, the first year of a new business is one of the hardest due to initial costs and exposure for growth. With this in mind we would like your help in return for a little something back.

If you could do a social media or online post about our products with your thoughts and feedback then we will provide you a Returning Customer discount of 10% Off your Total Order.

To redeem this, simply get in touch with us via a DM on Twitter, Contact Us or [email protected] with a link to your review or feature of our products.

Please note: We are not asking for positive reviews only. We do not want to buy or falsify your experience shopping with us.

Concept Art

Sketchbook: Uncle Gilbert
Sketchbook: Fergus
Sketchbook: Lawrence
Sketchbook: They See Us
Sketchbook: Frankie