Studio Policies & Product Information

We are a small studio based in the South of the UK. The entire process of creating a product is kept in-house which includes designing, modeling, prep and production of the toy is handled by a close team of dedicated monster handlers.

Handmade Products

Each master model is prepared by hand to give additional care and attention, the result is a product which might include imperfections but has been considered and reviewed at every single point of the process. The end product is exactly the same with pouring colours and trimming edges. We cannot ensure every product is identical.

We aim to produce the best possible toy for you however because due to the handmade nature of our manufacturing, small defects may occur. Any orders we fulfil may contain minor air pockets, odd colour shifts, fingerprint marks, variations on firmness and possibly more. Every product is inspected ahead of shipping.

It is the description of Monster Smash as to whether a defect warrants a Flop label. If you have any concerns with your order then please contact us and do not open the bag.


Our products reflect, what we believe, are fair prices. Once a product reaches the retail stage, we consider the quality of the outcome and the context of its creation. The research and development, material overheads, skill and effort of the team is also factored into the pricing which is why some products have more range than others.

‘Flops’ are products which contain a defect larger than 2mm but considered still saleable. This defect will be noted against the product listing and the price will be altered to reflect this. 

Environmental Considerations

We are fully aware of the materials which are used within our production and attempt to reduce our wastage wherever possible through recyclable packaging, purchasing local materials and developing material saving methods. We believe in looking after our planet as best we can and is something we always try to improve upon.

Ethical Choices

For colouring our toys, we use responsibly sourced mica powder and always look to improve standards while ensuring our business goals align with positive human progression.

For additional information; see our About Us page.

By purchasing a product from Monster Smash Studio, you are agreeing to our Terms of Sale detailed below which includes but is not limited to, refunds policy, repours, possible identified defects and additional charges.

As our products are entirely handmade, you may find minor aspects of your purchase which highlight this fact. All our products are inspected before shipping so no item leaves the Studio unless it means our Quality Control threshold.

Notable areas you may find with your purchase which are evidenced to the handmade process are (not limited to):

  • Differences from product photos
  • Small markings such as finger/glove marks or dents
  • Firmness variation

Photographs of the product are edited to try to replicate how the item looks in person however this isn’t always accurate. On occasion, Monster Smash will use a stock image to represent the final product of which it has a similar likeness.

Accidents can occur during trimming or marks can be left during curing inspection. We try to avoid them where possible however these examples can happen and is part of our process of producing the products by hand.

Firmness can vary and the products are poured with the desired firmness rating however changes to the supplied batch may result in variation such as pigmentation levels, temperature, Humidity and more.

If you have any questions or concerns then please get in touch.

  • Monstrous Size: Extra Large.
  • Ghoulies: Mini version of our toy line.
  • Flop: A toy containing an identified defect and sold at a reduced rate.
  • Mutation: An artistic variation of the toy line which is part of a ‘Drop’
  • Drop: A collection of toys which have been put up for sale as a limited run.
All of our products are handmade and as such are subject to differences between models such as colours, trimming etc.
Products are made from platinum grade silicone which is independently certified as Skin Safe. We will never use any materials which do not meet this high standard (e.g. jelly toys). The main benefits of this silicone are the non-porous properties which prevent areas for bacteria to grow (with regular cleaning). 
Our silicone is also hypoallergenic which means they are highly unlikely to cause any adverse reactions during or after use.
We offer Super Soft (Shore Rating 00-20), Soft (Shore Rating 00-30) and Medium (Shore Rating 00-50) silicone for our products. We do not offer Firm (greater than 00-50) because we feel the difficulty of working with the material and the possible harmful effects it has with routine working does not outweigh to market demand.
For more information regarding our firmness ratings, please see here

We do have limited slots for creating commissioned toys. This is a process of discussing what you, the client, want and how to achieve that.

Together we will decide on size, style, design and outcomes. For detailed information, please visit our Services page.

If you are interested in hiring the studio to create a new toy then please get in touch at

We don’t want you to have an uncomfortable situation when your toy arrives in the mail. With this in mind we send all our orders in plain brown boxes with an address label attached. Our return address is listed however we are written as ‘Monster Smash Studio’ or ‘MS Studio’ so there is no need to worry about someone inspecting the box. Additionally, when contents have to be declared then we will use ‘Sculpture’ to remain accurate for official processing purposes but generic to not cause unwanted attention.

Once the package has been shipped from our studio, we are unable to provide any further assistance in the event of the mail carrier damaging, losing or delaying your delivery. In these events, we recommend you contact the mail carrier.

For our order turnaround times, please see here. This page is regularly reviewed to provide you with an estimate for how long it takes for a new order to be processed.

Once your order has been shipped, we assume no responsibly for any additional fees which may be incurred by the package. This includes but not limited to:

  • Import Tax/Duty
  • Customs Charges

Due to the nature of the product we are unable to accept refunds as a general rule. Exceptions may be made however these are considered on a case by case basis and must be related to production issues with the toy which were not stipulated on purchase.

Any items marked as containing a defect or ‘Flops’ will have a description of the issue relating to the product and all sales are final. No returns and/or refunds will be given for any ‘Flop’ products.

When you receive your toy, we encourage you to inspect it to the best of your ability without opening the clear plastic bag. Any requested returns, where the bag has been opened, are unlikely to be accepted as we cannot ensure the safety of the product if returned to the studio.

No returns or refunds will be accepted on the basis of incorrect ordering a toy firmness or size. 

All toys which are returned open are disposed of unless there is specific reason why this does not occur. Any toys which are excluded from this policy for resale purpose will be explicitly labelled however this practice is extremely rare.

Repours are not offered as standard. It is the decision of the studio if a repour is to be offered.

Our cancellation policy is an easy one. You can cancel your order at any time up until your order is updated as being in progress.

Once your order has changed then you will be unable to cancel. Please ensure you purchase from us with order responsibility in mind

We will not provide free products on the promise of a review (favourable or not). However if you would like to have a review item, you can apply to join our Review Program.

If you would like to learn more about the Review Scheme or apply then please drop us a message using our Contact Us form (Category: Reviewer Scheme).