Studio Services

Monster Smash offers a wide variety of services which anyone is able to take advantage of. We regularly work with individuals and businesses alike.

Artwork & Concept Designs

Monster Smash isn’t just an indie toy maker. We’re a dedicated Art Studio capable of working on most types of projects.

Our in house designers and illustrators can help you create your product or simply produce some amazing artwork!

The skills of the studio extend into digital as well as physical practices, allowing you to have your creations rendered from the 2D sketch into the 3D digital world. Additionally we have experience of 3D print services utilising two types of printer to cover most projects.

3D Modelling & Printing

Mould making & Product Creation

With designs and renders in place, it is entirely possible for us to bring your project into life with a physical product.

Mould making and production services are available to support you and your goals.

We also provide a range of craft services such as making cards, decals and more. If you have a project in mind, just reach out.


We commissioned Scribbles, an artist at Monster Smash, for a digital piece for the character behind one of our toys. She worked with our description and delivered a gorgeous full color piece with background. The character was expressive and a perfect fusion or her artistic style and the description we provided. Fergus, the Owner of Monster Smash, kept us updated through the process and was communicative and helpful. It was a fantastic experience and we highly recommend their work!


Dongsmith, Fantasy Grove

It was a great experience. I have basically no art skills but Fergus took my rough sketch of what I wanted and turned it into a useable item. I provided sizing info and then MST made those dimensions into something that could actually be produced and used […] 10/10 would recommend MST to someone looking to have a toy commissioned from start to finish. 


Client, Project Fester

After receiving so much support for my rough sketches I commissioned Fergus to bring Parasite to life, and oh my goodness it was so wroth it! After providing the relevant sketches and descriptions, MS took their time to produce a gorgeous 3D model and eventually a usable silicone toy for everyone’s enjoyment.
I simple cannot recommend them enough! 10/10 for customer service and outcomes. Come bring your monsters to life!


Client, Project Parasite 
(Nix was not working for MS at the time of this commission)

n addition to the high standard of the finished piece, I can also strongly recommend Monster Smash for the quality and care present throughout the whole commission process. Communication was timely, pleasant, and forthcoming; I never felt like I couldn’t ask questions […] I’m delighted with the quality of their workmanship and would gladly choose them again if I got the chance and wanted another commissioned toy!


Client, Project Phantom

* Excludes a copy of the digital file. If this is desired then please discuss with us.

** Unique Artwork is supplied as a HD wallpaper, physical print services are available as well.

Next Steps

As you can see, we can do a lot with our studio. We provide flexible payment options to support your budget as well as able to handle most project sizes (from simple one off art pieces to product development and consultation).

If you are keen to work with us regardless of the size of the project then please get in touch.

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