Whoa, Sandworms. Ya hate ’em, right? I HATE ‘EM MYSELF!

Little is known about the colourful yet extremely deadly Sandworm. It resides in the dunes of the afterlife seeking prey to consume, slithering with it’s giant mass through tons and tons of sand dunes.


Please note; The Sandworm is a seasonal (October) and special event limited product.

  • Total Length: 6.5 Inches
  • Usable Length: 4.5 Inches
  • Narrowest Point (Shaft) Circumference: 2 Inches
  • Widest Point (Shaft) Circumference: 5.5 Inches
  • Total Length: 8 Inches
  • Usable Length: 6 Inches
  • Narrowest Point (Shaft) Circumference: 2.5 Inches
  • Widest Point (Shaft) Circumference: 7.5 Inches
  • Super Soft (Shore Rating: 0020)
  • Soft (Shore Rating: 0030)
  • Medium (Shore Rating: 0050)

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