Referral Policy

The Referral Policy works by allowing the registered Reviewer or Content Maker to obtain the cost of their original purchase back or a new one through their fan base. 
The Unique Referral Code is a discount coupon for the Reviewers’/Content Makers’ fan base to be able to make their own purchases for a reduced amount. The amount that is discounted is decided through agreement between Monster Smash and the Reviewer/Content Maker and size of fan base are some of the factors which will come into play. 
There will also be agreed thresholds of use for the Unique Referral Code. If the minimum threshold is met then the Reviewer/Content MAker will receive a refund of their original purchase (a specific item in their order, not the entire order) or a free new product.
Below is how the process is managed.

Step 1

A Reviewer/Content Maker is accepted onto the scheme and purchases the item they wish to review.

Step 2

A discount amount is agreed between Monster Smash and the Reviewer/Content Maker for the Unique Referral Code.
A Unique Referral Code is created which the Reviewer/Content Maker can publish to their fan base to purchase their own products from us. The fan base can also purchase products for the Reviewer/Content maker and it will still count.
Only orders which use the Unique Referral Code count towards the threshold.

Step 3

Once the agreed minimum threshold of discount uses is met, the Reviewer/Content Maker will be given the option of a refund of their original purchase (specific toy) or a free new product (both options exclude shipping or additional products such as other toys, stickers, masks etc).

For any further questions or to progress onto the Referral Policy then please get in touch.