Wini’s Book


“I put a spell on you… and now you’re mine”

A cursed journal of pure evil, bound in human flesh and handed directly from The Devil to the eldest coven member. This book contains the most evil of incantations to entice your senses and control your fragile human form. Wini’s Book is a blank sheet for you to decide what evil plans you have in store for the night. The cover has an array of textures and the form allows you to use it for grinding against a victim’s leg, wield it like a paddle or roll it up for even more possibilities… For additional info, see our Monsterpedia.

Size Guide

  • Total Length: 8in
  • Total Width: 6in
  • Thickness: up to 0.7in
  • Options Price: £0.00
  • Product Price: £35.00
  • Total: £0.00
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