The Servant (PRIDE)


Important information; please read

This is the Random Pride Pour version of this model. By ordering this version you will receive a guided surprise pour which will use your flag selection below as a prompt. Specific flag selections will have colours reduced due to pouring complexity e.g. 7 colour rainbow reduced to 5 or subtle differences in the lesbian flag rolled up into fewer tones.

By doing this, we can keep the costs of the pours down, the flop rate down, and have a better final colouration. Less is more!

A creature formed from the desires of the Old Ones enslaved to do their bidding. After rebelling against their dark masters, the Shoggoths’ sleep and hid in the darkest corners of the earth preying on those who venture nearby. A mass of teeth, reforming eyes and undulating tentacles; the shoggoth is a short but wide creature who will push your limits and envelope you into darkness. For additional info, see our Monsterpedia.

Size Guide

  • Total Length: 5in
  • Usable Length: 4.2in
  • Shaft Circumference (Narrow): 5.5in
  • Shaft Circumference (Wide): 9in
  • Options Price: £0.00
  • Product Price: £50.00
  • Total: £0.00
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