After years spent honing his dark powers in hiding, Phantom emerges from the shadows! He is relentless in his quest for vengeance, glutted with wrath and hatred – but his rage isn’t the only thing that’s insatiable. For additional info, see our Monsterpedia.

Size Guide

  • Total Length: 4in
  • Usable Length: 3in
  • Shaft Circumference (Narrow): 3in
  • Shaft Circumference (Wide): 4in
  • Total Length: 5.5in
  • Usable Length: 4.5in
  • Shaft Circumference (Narrow): 4.5in
  • Shaft Circumference (Wide): 5.5in
  • Total Length: 7.6in
  • Usable Length: 6in
  • Shaft Circumference (Narrow): 5.9in
  • Shaft Circumference (Wide): 7.8in
  • Total Length: 9in
  • Usable Length: 7.5in
  • Shaft Circumference (Narrow): 8in
  • Shaft Circumference (Wide): 9in
SURPRISE ME will use colours selected as a general prompt. SOLID only uses 1 Colour. MARBLES require 2 colours, will use White or Black to compliment if only one colour is selected. FADES will use the first colour selected as the tip of the toy. L: Light, D: Dark and G: Golden.
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