Flop: SHIN (Small/Soft)


Small Size/Soft Firmness

Colour: Blue, Green, Purple and Unpigmented (GITD & UV present)

As if death itself became incarnate, it stands to be the largest and most terrifying monster known to humankind. Records indicate this titan… this Kaiju is enormous at a height of 120m tall and weighing in at 99,273 tons. A suffering towner of searing, cracking scaled flesh is constantly evolving, always getting more powerful, destroying itself and the world with it.


This product is a failed item that is still safe to enjoy but does not meet our requirements for full retail price. As such it has been listed as a ‘Flop’ and has a reduced price due to the defects listed below. By purchasing this time, you accept all listed defects below and returns are not accepted.



  • The base isn’t completed formed due to it being created from leftovers. No functional issues (pictured).

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