Flop: Grand Deceiver (Medium/Super Soft)


Colour: Oil (three colour sparkle with brown)

Feasting almost exclusively on brave or stupid adventurers, the Grand Deceiver conceals its form as items of interest to would-be opportunists. A true master of disguise when it chooses to be. Emerging from the hidden crevice in the floor, it has found you and is very hungry. The Grand Deceiver has three protruding tentacles covered in teeth, eyes and dripping with slime as it attempts to consume any who would be lured into its tricks.

This product is a failed item that is still safe to enjoy but does not meet our requirements for full retail price. As such it has been listed as a ‘Flop’ and has a reduced price due to the defects listed below. By purchasing this time, you accept all listed defects below and returns are not accepted.


  • Tips of two shafts have been removed due to deep open pockets. Pictured. The toy has been powdered to better enhance the visibility of the tip removal.

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