How to enter

To celebrate the successful growth of Monster Smash, we want to provide two chances of winning a prize bundle!

Bundle One: You can enter simply by completing the following steps…

  • Retweet the giveaway post
  • Follow Monster Smash (@MonsterSmashToy) on Twitter

Bundle Two: Art Contest!

  • Retweet the giveaway post
  • Follow Monster Smash (@MonsterSmashToy) on Twitter
  • Submit a piece of art relating to either Monster Smash or classic horror to [email protected]!
The Prizes!

The winners will receive one prize bundle from our shop. 

The each bundle include:

  • Uncle Gilbert or Frankie (Both Medium size and Medium firmness 0050).
  • A matching Ghoulie.
  • A Sticker Pack.
  • A Limited Edition Monster Smash Glitter bag.
  • British sweet treats.
Start & End

The giveaway will begin 11th March 2021 once it is posted on Monster Smash Twitter account.

Entry to the Giveaway ends midnight (GMT) 11th April 2021.


The following restrictions are in place for the Giveaway which the winner must comply with in order to receive the prize.

  • Winner must be 18 years old or older (evidence may be requested).
  • Winners must be willing to pay any additional fees such as import or customs charges.
  • Shipping costs for both bundles are free regardless of location for the winner.
  • An individual can enter both events.
  • Art contest is to receive the Uncle Gilbert bundle*.
  • Giveaway is to received the Frankie prize bundle*.

*Bundles may be swapped by winners however this is at the agreement of both parties and must be complete ahead of shipping. Once agreed, neither party can change their mind.

How will the winners be chosen?

The winner of the first bundle giveaway will be chosen at random using an online twitter picker.

The entries for the Art Contest bundle will all be reviewed by the Monster Smash team and a winner chosen.

All artwork supplied will be featured on our website within a new art wall section. All rights to the artwork remain with the original creator. Requests to have the artwork removed from our site will be agreed to. All credit will be listed.

How and When will the winners be notified?

Once the winners are chosen, an announcement will be released on Twitter however no names will be mentioned.

The winners themselves will be directly messaged through Twitter from the Monster Smash Toys Twitter account.

If no response comes from the winners within 24 hours then a new selection will be completed.