Happy 1st Birthday

Every story has a…

Today marks the first anniversary of Monster Smash Studio. This time last year we opened the studio for pre-orders of our line-up and putting the stake in the heart/ground for being a new maker based in the United Kingdom which at the time was very limited. The main aim was to bring classic horror to the market but in an affordable but customisable way.
A year later and this has not changed and will continue to be the core of what we do.
It feels like a lifetime ago that I set out to start a small studio and a lot has happened since then. For a while it was just me but steadily the team grew and with the support of all our followers, customers and friends, so did the business.
So what have we achieved looking back at the past year? aside from making a lot of toys and shipping most of them to the United States (yes really, 96% of non-commission sales go to the US!). I thought it would be fun to pull open the doors of our favourite makers and get to know the people who sling so many amazing artworks our way. Interview with a Dongsmith quickly became very popular and I have no plans to change it, if it’s not broken then don’t fix it right?
We are currently working on our next edition right now.
After launching Commissions as a means to try and earn a little more money, they soon took off and I found myself with a new avenue to explore. Since then we have delivered 8 projects which are a mix of personal and commercial. Over the coming months we have roughly 7 more projects due to be delivered, the majority being commercial and may include names you recognise but we will see.
I mentioned the team expanding. I managed to bring Scribble on board in a very short period of time after she blew me away with the style and quality of her work. Since then she has worked on many projects for us which includes a fair few secret commercial ones!
Nix joined a while later but was key in expanding our services and capacity for taking on jobs. Again she has worked on many projects, one of which being the awesome tenta squshies for Strange Bedfallas.
End… well, Maybe Not
This isn’t the end as we are only just starting! In terms of our next steps, it can more easily be broken down into 
We will be launching a sale very shortly to celebrate our birthday with a discount applying to our full range of Made To Order monsters as well as the entire inventory. This as usual will not require any code use but will be automatic on checkout. In addition to this we will be updating inventory to contain just a few extra pieces which have been made recently but all of this will be updated on Twitter so don’t worry.
Commissions are still rolling on with Grand Deceiver still in the master preparation stage but is steadily heading towards moulding. This long awaited monster will be available for pre-order once we are satisfied with the quality of the work.
Stickers. We have our new Fergus Emote sheet! This large (A5) sticker sheet will give you a range of monster expression to truly express your inner ball of fluff (who happens to look pink and handsome). These will be purchasable through our shop as with all our items.
Character Art is on its way but taking time as Scribble is too busy with project work! but we hear you and are working on it. Speaking of things we are working on. Pigeons are complete and look fantastic, this will be available in a small drop later this month and later in the shop as part of a ‘Bird Bag’ in similar way we have Blind Ghoulies.
Our line-up is growing with new sizes constantly being added. Extra Small is currently in the works for Phantom, Parasite, Frankie and Uncle Gilbert. Parasite is also receiving Large and Extra Large. We are working heavily on a new monster which will be joining our line-up and we are all hugely excited to have you meet her. She dying to meet you, that I can promise. We also might have plans to bring someone back from the grave…


A thank you to my friends who supported me and encouraged me. I’ve made some amazing friends in this business such as Meesh, Kris and ShopDad, Ashes and so so many others that I can’t list them all. Thanks guys, you are the best.

A simple thank you to you and your support. Your orders, likes, retweets and recommendations has helped us grow more than anything else and I mean it to say this wouldn’t be possible without you all.

Thank you.

From sketching designs such as Parasite and the Pigeon as a small hobby, to producing models for MonsterSmash and other well established indie companies. I can definitely say for certain that I wasn’t expecting such an incredible turnaround!
I wanted to thank each and every one of our followers for the support and love you’ve given us over the past year. We simply could not have done it without you guys!

A big hug and a big thank you to each and every one of you kind monsters who have supported Monster Smash throughout this year! You are incredible!