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We are painfully aware that our product is an inert piece of rubber with a tremendous decomposition time which will extend long after we are gone. With this is mind we have looked at our actions and considered what we have reasonable control over.

Raw Materials

We only purchase our products from a UK base partner with Smooth-On. This is to ensure we get the materials we specifically require but also to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping. Smooth-On products are made largely in refineries in Texas, USA and transported by boat to the UK. It would not make sense for us to order from the EU as it would increase this footprint.

If it isn’t in stock, we wait and refund our customers if they desire.

Product Waste

We don’t like to waste material. It costs money and damages the environment. All our toys have been dialled in so we use the correct amount each time. We don’t give away free small Squishies as we typically don’t have any.


We use boxes supplied within the UK and are made from sustainable sources of wood and it is reported by our supplier that they are made with up to 90% recycled cardboard. Void Fill materials used to ensure your order is safe during transport are entirely reused from the deliveries we get!

We keep all clean and undamaged kraft paper, air pockets and more to reuse in our own orders to reuse overall waste.

If you have any questions relating to this then please reach out to us using our contact page.

Last reviewed: 09/04/2021