Choosing a firmness

Unsure what firmness you should get for your monster? Check out our handy guide below!

The important aspect you should keep in mind is the larger the toy, the more volume of silicone there is. The amount of silicone which makes up the toy will affect the character and feel fairly dramatically. A general rule of thumb is the larger the toy, the firmer it feels regardless of which silicone you select so it might be that you want a firmer silicone for a smaller toy and a softer silicone for a larger toy. These are only recommendations and at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference.

What is a Shore Rating?

There are different Shore Hardness scales for measuring the hardness of different materials. These scales were invented so that people can discuss these materials and have a common point of reference.

A Shore Rating can vary hugely but the important point is that we work in the ’00’ scale which means we have the softer, more Gel like silicone which are similar to SFX and medical industries.

00-20 (Super soft) is like a chewy gummy bear. It tends to have a slightly tacky feeling which is very normal. Extremely soft and stretchy, ideal for sensitive users and penetration toys.

00-30 (Soft) is best described as feeling like the gel insoles you can purchase for your shoes. Very soft, stretchy and flexible.

00-50~(Medium) is more resilient but still soft and flexible but with less stretch. It is less ridged and much softer than standard office stationery elastic bands if you were to make a rubber band ball.

* Our Medium silicone is a homebrew mix which is slightly firmer than those who are familiar with the standard 00-50 produced by SmoothOn. We estimate our medium silicone is between 00-50 and 00-55 on the Shore Hardness scale but still softer than the typical 10a used for firm toys.