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An off-the-cuff comment was made in 2019 suggesting that there aren’t any shops making classic horror toys. Since then, Fergus has worked non-stop to create a fun, ethical business which prioritises honesty, transparency and the use of local talent and materials.

We aim to always use British talent to work for Monster Smash and place importance on sourcing as much of our materials within the United Kingdom. Our pigments are ethically sourced, our packaging recycled and work tirelessly to bring you a quality product for a reasonable price.

Open for sale in June 2020, Monster Smash ships it’s creatures all over the world and is the market leader in commission projects.

We value transparency, honesty and fairness as part of our daily work activities.

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We have always tried to push our products, services and branding to be better and more interesting with each update and release. We are looking for individuals who are equally as excited and interested to work with us!

We have made a short list of ideals we are looking for in an affiliate on our program to help work out if you are a good fit.

Honesty. Positivity. Safety


We value honesty at the core of our business and it is the basis of all our policies, businesses practices and more. We believe by being honest then we can always work together to improve.

We want our next affiliate to value this too and to speak in a trusting transparent way about what they do and what they themselves value.


There are many bad things that happen in the world and here we want to try and turn that around little by little. Everyone is an individual and has wants, needs and desires which we should respect in a positive manner within our community.

We are looking for someone who works towards being a positive individual. Sexual and mental health is important to everyone no matter their gender, sexual preferences, race or physical ability.


We work hard to ensure our products and brand are safe for us not only physically but mentally too. We want someone to feels passionate about joining in the journey of continuous improvement for safety.

We are open to many different forms of content creation as part of our Affiliate Program. To support you in your content creation, we have pulled together two groups of content we like to see and guidelines for those categories.

In-Use Content

In-Use is defined by us as any directly sexual content. This is any content which has our products being used visually or audibly as it was created. Any content considered In-Use can absolutely be shared with us and we welcome it!

Any In-Use Content will be shared in our After Dark (AD) accounts to ensure our customers can consent to seeing that content.

Non-Use Content

Non-Use Content is any media being produced which is supportive to the product purpose. This includes reviews, unboxings etc.

Regardless of category, we have no requirements of media type. You can create videos, publish articles, write songs or more.

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Payout Criteria Successful online and verified transaction
Cookie Duration 30 days
Rate 10% of the sale (excl. shipping and promotional codes)