The Monster Smash Affiliate Program is set up to reward you for you content featuring our products. Payments, information, marketing and more is all controlled and tracked using our dedicated Affiliate and Referral software.
If you are successful in your application as a Monster Smash affiliate you will receive a commission up to 10% for each successful customer sale using your affiliate link to
On average these will be paid out at the end of each calendar month.

Becoming an Affiliate

Complete our Affiliate Registration form and click ‘Register’ to apply!
Once the application has been submitted then a Monster Smash administrator will be notified, and they will review your information. During the review process we may require additional information and will reach out using the email provided in your original application.
If your application is successful, you will have access to our Affiliate Account which contains dashboards, payment information, marketing resources and more. Your unique affiliate link will be accessible here also.

Commission Rate

Affiliates can earn up to 10% for all sales which are referred using the affiliate links. We have two rates for commission which are for Monster Smash (10%) and Strange Bedfellas (5%) products.
Commission amounts are based on verified legitimet sales through our website ( using the Affiliate links provided. The payout is the percentage of the items sold at the point of sale (excluding Shipping). 
Monster Smash reserves the right to revise or reverse commission pay-outs due to refunded payments or cancelled orders. Commissions are paid out using Bank Transfer or PayPal. It is the responsibility of the affiliate to ensure their payment information is correct and postal address is accurate. Monster Smash is not responsible for missing payments or products due to incorrect information provided by the Affiliate. Payments may be effected by transaction fees, currency conversions and exchange rates which may alter the final amount received in the Affiliates bank account which Monster Smash has no control over.

Restrictions, Limits and Violations

The Monster Smash Affiliate Program has been created for mutual growth for all parties and aims to ensure a positive outcome however there are restrictions to ensure morals, standards and safety is maintained.
Monster Smash does not accept the following:
  • Automation of sales through non-human activity.
  • Paid promotion via coupon or discount websites.
  • Any means of attempting to alter the RRP from the Monster Smash website.
  • Affiliates using their own links to generate non-genuine sales or leads.
  • Affiliates stealing content from third party sources (including other affiliates) to generate sales.
  • Affiliates sharing their links or accounts to anyone other than the approved individual.
  • Participating in Zoophilia, Underage sexual activity, non-consenting sexual activity, racist or hate culture towards groups based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, disability and so on.
Any activity which goes against the spirit of these terms or direct violation will result in immediate termination of the affiliate participation and remaining commission due to be paid will be denied. Termination is at the discretion of Monster Smash and can be immediate.
Affiliate accounts can be paused in the event of a complaint or suspected violation is raised. During this time no commission can be earned or will be paid out until a conclusion is drawn by a Monster Smash administrator. In the event of a termination, the affiliate is to immediately stop using any Monster Smash promotional materials and any links provided as part of being an approved member of the Monster Smash Affiliate Program. Severe violations will result in a permanent ban from the Affiliate Program, the commission revoked and they will be removed from the Approved Affiliate Register.