About Monster Smash

An off-the-cuff comment was made in 2019 suggesting that there aren’t any shops making classic horror toys. Since then, Fergus has worked non-stop to create a fun, ethical business which prioritises honesty, transparency and the use of local talent and materials.

We aim to always use British talent to work for Monster Smash and place importance on sourcing as much of our materials within the United Kingdom. Our pigments are ethically sourced, our packaging recycled and work tirelessly to bring you a quality product for a reasonable price.

Open for sale in June 2020, Monster Smash ships it’s creatures all over the world and is the market leader in commission projects.

meet the team

designer, maker & Owner

FERGUS is the head monster and not just because he seems has no arms or legs! Fergus designs the monsters, handles the pouring and trimming of all the toys leaving the studio. Monster Smash is a passion project to bring true cinematic and written horror to your bedroom.


Lover of Monsters, Mecha, Motorcycles, Tattoos and Sweets.

Scribble Minion

A scribbly minion who enjoys drawing hot monster people and creepy eyeballs. She survives solely on cakes and uses pencil shavings as bedding. Scribble Minion never stops drawing, never… ever…


Scribble Minion takes care of all the amazing illustrations used inhouse as well as client hires.

Concept Artist & Modeller

Eldritch Dragon with a graphics tablet and an abundance of tea. Sacrificial offerings include: Scotch eggs, head pats and silicone toys. Nix was the concept designer of Parasite and has gone on to create even more horrifying creatures.


Designer of models with an awful lot of teeth!